City Pages named Trop Dep Album cover best of 2015.  

Tropical Depression's album cover depicts a man standing on a beach. Behind him is a sunset surging with improbable, '80s-esque colors. It's an impossibly vivid window into the impossibly catchy music within. Local stalwart Erik Applewick's new project sounds like the best yacht rock you've never heard. If an album cover could serve as a headline for the album itself, this one is a veritable "MAN WALKS ON MOON." Maybe you like your albums to be wrapped up with a bit more mystery, but there's something to be said for taking unfamiliar music out of its packaging and having it sound like it's bringing that packaging to life.


The Twin Cities Critics tally voted our album #8 for 2014!!!

"Tapes n' Tapes bassist and ex-Hopefuls co-leader Erik Appelwick has long shown off his ability to make low-budget dance-pop sound like a million bucks under the alias Vicious Vicious.  With a new moniker but a similar approach and some of the same MVP backers (Martin Dosh , James Buckley), he churned out this blissed-out, sun-baked collection from the truly million-dollar confines of a yacht.  You'll wish you were there."  -Star Tribune


"..sounds like the best Indie-rock-take ever on 80s cocaine-induced yacht music" - Jon Hunt, l'etoile Magazine


"the Minneapolis band's self-titled debut is a wonderful treat. Their sound is sunny, blissed-out guitar synth-pop that has plenty of neat, slo-mo hooks." - Youa Vang, City Pages